A Night Under The Stars: Prom 2021 Will Be For Seniors Only

Isabelle Kelso, Staff Writer

Prom is a night full of dancing with your friends and having a final celebration before you graduate, but there have been a few changes due to the pandemic that started last year. Seniors will still be able to enjoy this tradition on April 24.

Unlike previous years, prom be held not indoors in a fancy venue, but on the football field. It will be from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.

The event is for seniors only. Student Council Vice President Lily Allen said that all seniors who have paid for their ticket online before prom will be allowed in the field.

English Department Chair Michelle Rice has worked as the head coordinator to design and run the event alongside Principal Ashley Agans.

She tried to incorporate student involvement into the planning and relied heavily on the student council’s opinions to create the best possible experience for the attendees.

Seniors had the opportunity to vote on a theme, with “A Starry Night” taking the prize.

“I like to think that it is because we will have a wonderful night under the stars in the stadium,” Agans said in an email.

“I also like to think that we have been in the darkness of this pandemic for a year, it’s time for the stars to come out,” Agans said.

As usual, there will be a professional DJ in charge of the music. However, no food will be available as a coronavirus precaution.

Masks are compulsory, too, and any student who does not follow this rule will be kicked out. All students’ temperatures will be taken before entering the field.

“Our number one priority is the safety of the students at Cambridge, so the teachers and staff will also be attending prom to make sure everyone is complying with the rules. We want the seniors to have an amazing time – but safety first,” said student council representative Selena Turner.

Another feature of traditional prom that was excluded this year is the king and queen. This is because Agans believes it would be too much to get done in so little time, and she wants to give the seniors the best dance she can give them, given the circumstances of this year.

“Getting a fair, voting representation of the class would be difficult.  Also, and this is my opinion, king/queen is pretty old fashioned,” said Agans.

Rice, Agans and the student council are hoping the sky will be like “a starry night” and not a rainy, dreary mess. However, there will be tents on the field in case of any inclement weather.

Prom will be different because of the virus, but “given the circumstances of this year, it’s honestly a miracle that Mrs. Agans was able to give us the opportunity to celebrate with a prom,” said Turner.

With more student involvement, the student council has had the chance to connect with Agans and Rice to use their artistic and imaginative ideas to execute the prom correctly.

Since the students were given creative liberty, Turner said no details will be revealed about the decorations, and seniors will have to see it for themselves when they arrive.