The Bear Witness is a student news site for the students, faculty and staff of Cambridge High School, as well as, the Milton community to promote interest in students’ current events and issues. The statements and opinions expressed are those of the individual authors and not necessarily those of the entire staff or of Cambridge High School, its students, faculty, staff or administration. The staff will publish only legally protected speech, adhering to the legal definitions of libel, obscenity and invasion of privacy.

The Bear Witness was first established in 2012 as a traditional black and white newspaper, before moving to a magazine format in 2014. Its current format of an online publication was founded in 2016.

English teacher Brian McDearmon serves at the teacher advisor.

Letter From the Founding Editor in Chief of the online publication of The Bear Witness: 

I remember the first time we passed out the black and white newspaper. We had black all over our hands from the ink, and these obnoxious t-shirts on that said, “Cool story, bro” (it was in at the time).

I remember being just so nervous to walk up to all these people and hand them in my work.  I was so proud of it, so completely mystified by what we had done, yet I was still so naive, and unaware about how people actually did want to see it.

I think what I remember most from that day was watching people tear through the pages, looking for their club, best friend or favorite teacher. There was something so beautiful about seeing people care about what we had to say.

From then on, I knew that this whole thing called “Newspaper” wasn’t about us. It was about you.

Every year, something changed about us. Whether it was black and white to color, or a Humans of Cambridge page, or in-depth stories about the world around you, all of them have always been about you, because that is why we do what we do.

So every student at Cambridge can be seen or heard or noticed for how they are changing the world, and our school.

So, you are probably wondering why we decided to switch to digital.

Honestly, I have asked myself the same question multiple times.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always liked to hold the newspaper in my hand. With real paper, and words printed out all over the pages. So, this switch came with conflicting sides from my personal opinions, and what was best for my readership.

With digital, there is truly a whole new realm for the readers. It has unlimited space for pictures and articles, and it has more immediate coverage for sports, plus it is environmentally friendly.

In class we had moved to digital, never printing out the papers to edit, everything was already done online, using special programs to design the magazine, and Google Docs to edit the articles.

I guess that the idea of moving to online really did just fall into place, at least for me.

I felt that coverage of our school, (including all the clubs and people), was much more important than any pretty object that would later get lost in who knows where.

The magazines were quite a spectacle, and I am so proud to say that the school loved them and cherished them.

But I think it is time to take advice from Walt Disney, and “Keep moving forward.” The digital world full of new and unlimited ideas and space is something that I believe is the future that our paper needs to follow.

There is so much for us to find within our school, and we believe that it is our job to give you as much of that knowledge as possible, which is why we are starting here, with our new site.

It still has the same goal in mind, of providing the news for you, just cleaner, brighter and modernized, but all in the hopes of creating something truly brilliant. So that we will never let down our readership, in providing them with everything possible to truly understand the world around them and the amazing things they are doing or can do to change that world.

With all my love,

Halle Grace Larson

Founding Editor in Chief of the online publication of The Bear Witness 


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