Spotify Wrapped 2020: What Have Students Been Listening To?

Isabella Dudley-Flores, Staff Writer

“My top album was ‘In The Lonely Hour,’ which says all you need to know… because I’m lonely,” said Aerica Worrell, sophomore. (Isabella Dudley-Flores)
“My top artists were Harry Styles, Conan Gray, (and) Alec Benjamin,” said Kaitlyn Clark, freshman. (Isabella Dudley-Flores)
“Country and contemporary Christian music are my top two genres,” said Audrey Kitila, senior. (Isabella Dudley-Flores)
“My top song is… from a musical and that’s surprising because it’s not my favorite song,” said Sofia Batista, freshman.
“(My top artist was) Harry Styles, (which is) kind of basic,” said Gracyn Kim, sophomore. (Isabella Dudley-Flores)
“My top (artist) is Lil Peep. I (listened to) 60,000 (minutes of music) this year,” said Alice Brodsky, sophomore. (Isabella Dudley-Flores)