A Single Person’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

A guide for all of those who dont have a partner to celebrate with

Graphic by Maria Lemos

A guide for all of those who don’t have a partner to celebrate with

Anna McKnight, Staff Writer

Heart-shaped chocolate boxes, lovely flower arrangements and teddy bears holding hearts that say, “I love you” are all shoved at lonely souls when Feb. 14 comes around.  

These corny presents are a Valentine’s Day tradition all designed for lovey-dovey couples. 

However, not everyone has or desires a special someone to spend Valentine’s Day with.  

Many people have different viewpoints on Valentine’s Day, and it’s not the corny stuff that the commercials show. If you’re single on Valentine’s Day here are some things you can do to enjoy your day.  

#1 Treat yourself  

Lemos, Maria Eduarda G

Make the day all about you, it’s your special day to love yourself.  

“I always watch a movie on Valentine’s Day,” said junior Olivia Miller.  

Buy yourself flowers, chocolate or something you’ve been wanting for a long time.  

Or maybe take yourself out to a nice restaurant or cook a fancy meal at home. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you don’t deserve all the love regularly reserved for couples.  


#2 Spend time with friends 

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Plan a fun evening with your friends, such as going out to eat or having a movie night together. 

“On Valentine’s Day my friends and I bake a cake in the shape of a heart,” said Ava Hart.  

Surrounding yourself with the people that genuinely make you happy is a great way to cheer up any day, especially Valentine’s Day.  



#3 Have a spa day

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Take advantage of the day to look after your physical and emotional health. 

“I use like 10 face masks on Valentine’s Day,” said sophomore Emma Anderson.  

Use the day to relax. Take a long bath, engage in some yoga or meditation or get a massage. 




#4 Give to others

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Consider volunteering at a local shelter, hospital, charity or just help your parents around the house.  

Giving to others can be a rewarding way to spend the day and can give you a sense of purpose.  

“I make cards for my friends and help my mom with chores,” said senior Harper Davis. 



#5 Try something new 

Lemos, Maria Eduarda G

Use the day to try something new or pursue a new hobby.  

“I love trying new things, each holiday I try something new,” sophomore Sarah Williams said.  

The day is yours so use up, start a new book or attempt a new recipe. Do something you’ve never done before.  

But remember, Valentine’s Day is just one day out of the year and does not represent your value or desirability as a person.  

Do not let the marketing hoopla convince you that you are losing out on something important. 

Enjoy the day in your own way and keep in mind that being single is perfectly OK.