Administration Says Goodbye to Assistant Principal David Goldie

Grey Burke, Staff Writer

Administrators who worked alongside former Assistant Principal David Goldie, who recently took a position in another school district, said he can never be replaced and will not be forgotten.   

Goldie, who left the school on Sept. 30, moved to Gwinnett County School District where he now works as a legislative and educational policy administrator.  

“He is part of what makes Cambridge a special place,” said Assistant Principal Darius Maize. 

Before leaving his position at Cambridge, Goldie said that in Gwinnett, he would be “part of the process” of developing district policies and would advocate for the county at the state legislature.   

Goldie said he likes this job because he gets to have a “positive impact on students across Georgia.” 

Goldie said that although he looked forward to his new position in Gwinnett, he is sad to leave the school. 

“The students [at Cambridge] are great, and the staff are fantastic,” he said.  

Many of those who worked with Goldie said he did so much for the school.  

Goldie managed the world language and English departments, worked in the front office and helped with student transportation, all at the same time, said Assistant Principal Cindy Weatherford.    

Along with this, he was the school’s testing coordinator, which meant he oversaw the administration of the Milestones, PSAT, SAT and AP exams.    

Weatherford said he was “detailed David” because he looked at the smallest parts of everything. “We are all sad to see him go, but this job is a great fit for him,” she said. 

While the school searches for another assistant principal, Emmet Shaffer will be temporarily taking over the position.  

Shaffer retired after working for Fulton County for 17 years as a school counselor, assistant principal, principal, director for school counseling, social worker, graduation coach and area superintendent, according to the school’s website.