A Time to Turn a New Leaf: Five Activities to Get You in the Mood for Spring

Anna Gorman, Staff Writer

Long thyme, no see, spring.

If there’s one time of year that’s always overlooked compared to popular seasons like winter and summer, it’s spring. 

Winter has snow, Christmas and cozy nights by the fireplace. Summer has a long, two and a half months away from school. Autumn has pumpkin spice lattes, flannels and Halloween. 

Spring has a few holidays like Easter and St. Patrick’s Day, but even then, its days are usually bogged down with rain and clouds of pollen. 

At least April showers bring May flowers. 

Spring makes up for its lack of special-ness with a grand array of activities with which to seize the day. 

Rather than scrolling through social media, here are five fun, de-stressing activities one can participate in this spring season. 

Go on a Walk, Run, Bike Ride or Hike

The Big Creek Greenway is a great way to exercise and enjoy the nature. (Photo from the City of Alpharetta)

Heading outside and getting fresh air is a great way to spend a warm spring day and bring excitement to it. 

There are several great trails around the Cambridge and Alpharetta-Milton area to make use of. 

The Big Creek Greenway, for example, is a perfect place to ride a bike or take a walk to enjoy the weather or blow off steam with its 26 miles of bike path and border walk. 

“Me and my brothers used to go mountain biking all the time during quarantine,” sophomore Anna Claire Jacobi said. “It’s a great way to enjoy the warm weather.” 

Other spots like Bell Memorial Park, Birmingham Park and Providence Park are great destinations for heading outside for fresh air. These parks have beautiful trails for biking, walking and simply enjoying flora and fauna. 

Bake Some Sweet Treats 

What better thing to do on a nice spring day than bake a few goodies to enjoy and share with family? 

Baking cookies, cake and pie for get-togethers, birthdays or simply just to pass the time is great to-do on a warm spring day to make someone smile. 

Sophomore Addi Baylor said her favorite thing to bake in spring is “a strawberry almond pound cake with a strawberry glaze.” 

For some ideas on what to bake, students can visit recipe websites like The Food Network, Allrecipes and Spoonacular. Apps such as Yummly and Tasty are great for inspiration and recipe browsing, as well. 

Visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden 

What’s better than a pretty flower blooming thanks to the season’s warm weather? 65,000 beautiful flowers – as featured at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. 

To celebrate the new season, the Garden planted thousands of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and more for its new display, “Atlanta Blooms! 

The Botanical Garden is known for its spectacular wintertime display – “Garden Lights, Holiday Nights” – and is no stranger to praise. 

Every year, the Garden boasts a wonderful arrangement of lights, flowers, exotic trees and fancy garden architecture. 

There’s even a goldfish pond. 

The Botanical Garden is a great place to relax and completely immerse oneself in nature’s sounds and scents. 

Because the Botanical Garden is located in Atlanta, it is a bit of a drive. Gardens such as the Alpharetta Community Garden near the library and the Mansell House & Gardens are great local substitutes for the Atlanta Botanical Garden. 

Plant a Flower Garden 

If browsing long rows of tulips isn’t your style, why not take a stab at making a botanical garden of your own? 

Gardening is a great way to spend this season because it can relax a stressed student during the end-of-the-year exam season. According to Psychology Today, it can lower stress and help to develop a growth mindset (no pun intended). 

Sophomore Megan Lindey likes gardening, and so does Jacobi, who plants flowers in her backyard with her father every spring. 

“I recommend planting flowers in spring so you can see them bloom [later],” said Jacobi. 

Visit a Local Farmers Market (and the Library) 

With people out and about enjoying the sun and breeze, farmers markets are back and ready to sell. 

The Downtown Alpharetta Farmers Market is a favorite among students, with farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, newly picked flowers, homemade soaps, fresh-baked breads and much more to enjoy. 

The market will be open every Saturday through Nov. 26, and you can learn more about the products being sold and the vendors on its website. 

Both Lindey and Baylor, who enjoy baking, like this particular farmers market. 

Baylor goes “with my mom every [Saturday],” she said. “It’s one of my favorite outdoor activities.” 

The Alpharetta Public Library is in full bloom with its book sale in the Friends of the Alpharetta Library (“FOTAL”) Book Store, which is located right outside the main building. The sale spans from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the first Saturday of every month. 

Citizens can donate books to be sold in the sales. According to the FOTAL website, all funds raised by the sales go toward the needs of the library and the citizens. 

If reading is your jam, a new book from the FOTAL Book Store is sure to grow on you.  

With winter’s gloominess leaving us and April showers replacing it, spring is upon us and promising many flowers and (hopefully) many days of sunshine. 

Enjoying some of these activities this spring is sure to spice up your schedule. 

If it isn’t raining and the grass is green, why not spring to it?