Tacky Christmas Traditions I Loathe

Katie Notch, Staff Writer

Imagine sitting by the warmth of the fireplace, drinking hot apple cider in a room filled with the laughs of family and Christmas spirit.  

All of a sudden, Uncle Todd comes barreling in with the horrendous noise of Hobby Lobby jingle bells glued to his ugly lit-up Christmas sweater.  

The holiday season approaches with joy and traditions for all to enjoy. However, there are some aspects of this time of year that make me roll my eyes until I can practically see my brain. 

Let’s start with the reindeer cars. Simply put, taping artificial antlers and a big red ball onto a 2013 Toyota Sienna is one of the worst things ever. Those who partake in this holiday horror frighten me. 

“I feel like any car turned into a character is ridiculous,” said junior Payton Key. “Especially the reindeers.”  

“I think it’s tacky and ugly,” junior Kaitlyn Scoggins said. “It’s a waste of money and you are the reason for overconsumption in America.” 

Next, we move on to mistletoe. People use smelly decorated leaves as an excuse to smooch in front of their extended family. It’s gross. 

“Mistletoe is one of the most awkward things. It’s just icky,” said sophomore Nadia Woodard.  

Junior Brie Chinchilla agrees.  

“I think it can be nice but it’s kind of awkward,” she said. 

My most controversial opinion on Christmas traditions is about ugly sweaters.  

They’re the tackiest staples of the season. 

Some students, however, defend these sweaty, obnoxious articles of clothing.   

“I think they’re okay,” said Woodard. “It’s a way for people to express themselves.”  

French teacher Colleen Baldridge thinks they’re “tacky but fun.”  

Nonetheless, everyone has different ways of celebrating and embracing the happiness in the holiday season. 

“The holidays are what you make it,” said sophomore Kirsten Stewart. “If you want to make it tacky, do it with love.”