BREAKING NEWS: Superintendent Mike Looney Announces Modifications to COVID-19 Mitigation Matrix

Rachel Lichtenwalner, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, an email from Fulton County Schools Superintendent Mike Looney to all teachers and staff said that beginning Nov. 1, the rate of infection in a school and its community will determine whether schools have the ability to make masks optional. 

“The masking requirement in individual schools will be waived when individual schools have an infection rate lower than 1%,” said Principal Ashley Agans in an email, adding that the school’s current rate is less than 1%. 

Every Friday, the district numbers will reevaluate the numbers to decide for the following week if the mask mandate will be waived or not, Agans said. She said she assumes that on Oct. 29, she will be notified “as to whether or not we will be eligible to make masks optional for the week of November 1st.” 

More information will be relayed soon, she said.