Five Halloween Costumes I Don’t Want to See This Year

Maria Lemos, Staff Writer

Pumpkins on porches, crunchy leaves on the street, looking out the window and seeing your neighbor’s cheap skeleton décor. 

Halloween is here, and to many, this means brainstorming an inventive costume. It’s the time of year when your creativity can shine. 

“Halloween is not simply putting on a costume, but finding the imagination and costume within ourselves,” said American radio personality Elvis Duran.  

However, it seems some teenagers have been brainwashed to sport the most basic, overrated costumes. 

I have no doubt you will see at least one of these costumes on your Instagram feed this Oct. 31. 


#5: Sports Uniforms

Photo from Pinterest

One of the most uncreative and uninspired costumes is dressing up in your team uniform or jersey.  

I do not care if you want to show some team spirit, but it’s Halloween, not a football game. 

The number of times I’ve seen cheerleaders dressed up as themselves for Halloween really disappoints how far we’ve come along with our costume ideas.  

“If you’re a cheerleader dressed as a cheerleader, that so ugh. It’s not even a costume; you have to add a twist,” said senior Stephanie Navin.  

Others also show strong distaste towards the get-up. 

“For someone to dress up with their own freaking jersey, they might as well not go,” said freshman Megan Dunn.  

Either make your costume interesting or leave.  


#4: Frat Boys 

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Frat boys.  

Yes, this generation has decided that dressing up as a stereotypical 20-year-old guy in a fraternity is an acceptable excuse of a costume.  

“Why would you want to dress up as someone who says ‘bro’ at the end of every sentence,” said senior Tamoy Pitt.  

Going off the basic idea of what most people think of when they hear the term ‘frat boy,’ I honestly don’t understand why this ever was an idea in the first place.  

How could you possibly be so unoriginal to look at khakis and a red Solo cup and think, ‘yes, this is my Halloween costume.’  

Not to mention at first glance, no one can really tell what you are. I can just imagine the confused look on parents’ faces as they see all these children dressed up in random polo shirts and a baseball cap, acting pretentious. 

This costume has put my expectations below the ground.  

If frat boys are now inspiration for costumes, what will people come up with next? 


#3: The Purge 

Photo from Pinterest

The first Purge movie was released in 2013, however, suddenly in 2019 (and to this day) there has been an absurd amount of group costumes with the masks featured in the original movies.  

I applaud the idea, but where’s the effort?  

When judging a costume, I think two of the most important factors involve creativity and hard work.  

This costume lacks both. 

“To be honest, I feel like it’s boring and lazy. You’re legit just buying a mask,” said Aubrey Skinner. 

Next to nobody dressing up as the ‘purgers’ actually properly execute the look.  

Some people think wearing a light-up mask makes up for the fact the costume isn’t good. That doesn’t cut it. It’s like trying to make ‘fetch’ happen. It’s not going to happen, Gretchen. 

The most annoying thing about this outfit is it has become the last-minute group costume for almost everyone on the planet. 

Let’s give Halloween some credit and at least put some more work in our execution of these costumes. (Again, the light up mask doesn’t make it better whatsoever.) 


#2: Angel & Devil

Photo from Pinterest

Now for the absolute classic: angel and devil. 

And yes, it’s time to get rid of this boring get-up. 

This outfit is your typical iconic duo moment, but honestly, it’s just not giving what it’s supposed to give anymore.  

“It can be done really well, but if it’s just your basic Party City fluffy angel wings, it’s just not special,” said junior Sophie Metcalfe.  This is the costume for the people who just really don’t care.  

All you do is throw on a basic red or white top with one accessory. Where’s the Halloween spirit in that? 

“It’s not even an actual costume to me because it’s so boring now,” said Navin, who also dissed sports costumes. 

I’ll give it some credit, it’s a cute concept. The lack of pizazz, however, takes away the essence of what makes a good costume.  

If you are looking for something basic, repetitive and overused, this is definitely the outfit for you.


#1: Space Cowgirls 

Photo from Pinterest

In first place, we have the space cowgirls.  

Words cannot describe how done I am with this costume. I swear every time this outfit is mentioned, everyone rolls their eyes so far they can probably see the back of their head.  

This is the costume everyone and their mother decided to dress up as. When I say everyone, I mean everyone.  

I’m almost certain there is not a single teenage girl who has not debated at least once whether or not to be a space cowgirl.  

It’s one of those costumes that puts every single girl in a chokehold; you can’t escape them.  

This has to end now. The rest of the human population and I cannot deal with this costume anymore.  

“It’s just no,” said freshman Rania Saeed.  

She took the words right out of my mouth.  

“I honestly hate it because it was cute when one person did it, but then everyone started doing it and it became too overdone,” said Lielle Casenave.  

It gives me vivid flashbacks to 2016 when every girl in existence dressed up as Harley Quinn (another costume that seems to be coming back to popularity, unfortunately).  

It’s not just me who thinks this way, even girls who dressed as this before seem to regret it.  

“I was one last year, but I hate it because it literally makes no sense,” said freshman Scarlett Gomez.  

The idea of the costume itself is also confusing. I genuinely want to know where this combination came from, because it really isn’t clicking.  

Halloween is being completely trashed on with these looks, and we have to put an end to this now. Halloween deserves better.