Is the iPhone 12 Worth Buying?


Photo provided by Forbes.

The iPhone 12, Apple’s newest cell phone model.

Isabelle Kelso, Staff Writer

Apple is a popular brand that is sought-after by many people everywhere, mostly known for their updates on their products and huge price tags. 

The iPhone 12, released Oct. 23, is the newest model of the iPhone’s by Apple. This phone is a very similar model to the previous iPhone, the iPhone 11, with a few new changes to the structure and software updates 

Apple has its own unique design, which draws people to the new iPhone 12. Other tech products aren’t bad, they are just not nearly as popular as Apple.  

“[Apple’s] phones are so expensive; I honestly don’t know why people buy them. They make so many products and they can only improve on so many of them,” said Bolton. 

Since Apple started, they have been known for their logo, and that eventually started to build up a great amount of popularity for the brand. Millions of people around the world have bought into the idea of always having the latest iPhone, as it is seen as the most popular in the world. 

“People only buy it because they think it’s just a trend, and I definitely think people will buy it for the name,” said freshman Natalie Bolton, who owns a Samsung phone. 

Apple is usually favored over other brands, causing its popularity growth. However, it deserves the credit given because, “the software is clean and efficient,” said freshman Kevin Seery, who has the latest iPhone 12. 

But Apple might not be as great as everyone thinks it is because of its quality. There might not be a need for such high prices if Apple products are not improving.  

“I saw no difference between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8 in quality,” said Seery, but the software is starting to improve as new products develop. 

Even though the design may not drastically change in the models, Apple still makes improvements to the features they provide on every phone that is made, making it unique to the last one. 

“Each time a new Apple product is made, they make more sturdy and durable models, but they should still make them less expensive with a longer battery life,” said Seery. 

With the iPhone 12 release, Apple has come out with an additional software, the iOS 14, which allows you to totally rearrange your phone screen to look any way you would like it to look. This is a smart move foApple to get people to buy their new phone or an Apple phone in general, because only with Apple is this new feature provided. 

“I don’t think [Apple phones] are 100 times better than Samsung; I just think they beat other brands to it,” said freshman John Michael Carter, who has an iPhone 8. 

Carter said he thinks that Samsung is not a bad brand compared to Apple, but it just doesn’t quite beat Apple to the different updates that are created to make their brand more profitable. 

“I originally had an android; it’s not the best, but I still like the products,” Carter said. 

Some of the defects in Apple’s products are minor, but Android phones do not carry the defects that Apple products may carry, like having limited storage and only being able to use AirPods, Apple’s wireless earbuds, on Apple devices. 

It’s shocking how many people are in Apple stores. Even if another brand released a better phone at a better price, Apple would still sell more,” said Bolton.  

Apple’s stores are always lined up outside, and their lines will most likely always be larger than the stores next to it, no matter what the brand is. It also overshadows brands like Samsung and Google, which are still very well-known brands. 

Bolton, Seery, and Carter all came to a collective opinion that while Apple’s brand is nice, the company over-prices their products. However, even if they didn’t lower prices, the iPhone 12 would still be hugely profited off by Apple.