Students Strut the Latest Fashion Trends This Fall


Eleanor Reeves

Freshman Eleanor Reeves in an autumnal outfit.

Isabella Dudley-Flores, Staff Writer

Fall 2020 has rolled around and the chilly weather is having people wave goodbye to shorts and flip-flops.

With the help of sweater vests, baggy pants, layering and more, Cambridge students have been adding some (pumpkin) spice to make their styles more autumnal and warmer.

If you pass freshman Pariseh Ali in the hallways, chances are she’s wearing a sweatshirt with a collared shirt peeking out and baggy pants.

Ali shows off her love for layering almost daily this time of year.

It’s “cute and warm,” she said.

She also loves incorporating dark red and dark orange into her outfits in fall. 

“I think [warm tones] make my skin color pop more, and my hair color [as well],” Ali said. 

Her other favorite trends include beanies which, according to her, will never go out of style.  

Loose pants are also a major trend in 2020. 

Freshman Eleanor Reeves is happy about the baggy pants trend because she dislikes skinny jeans.  

Reeves said flared pants and straight leg jeans are making waves when it comes to fall fashion. 

In addition to these kinds of bottoms, she says boys and girls have been or will soon be wearing cropped sweaters, combat boots and blazers this fall.  

As for trends specific to 2020, she said she’s seen people wearing turtlenecks paired with slacks, as well as shirts over dresses instead of under. 

Reeves’ prediction is that tennis skirts, which have been seen paired with a collar under a crewneck and sneakers, will fade out as the new season rolls in. 

In fall, it’s cold. If somebody wants to wear a skirt, some extra steps must be taken for their legs to not freeze. 

Reeves said she plans to wear longer socks instead of the usual tights for a more “preppy vibe” to keep her warm and stylish while Georgia slips into autumnal weather. 

Like Ali, Reeves loves to layer. She said she has a turtleneck under an oversized graphic te“every single time [she] goes out anywhere.” 

Junior Anna Farris recognizes the outerwear trend of sweater vests is interesting and accessible. 

“A lot of stores like Urban Outfitters are raising the price a lot when you could probably get the same thing at the men’s section at Goodwill,” Farris said. 

Another trend she’s spotted is the pairing of flannels over sweatshirts. 

She also said girls are easily spotted wearing leggings this season, another laid-back option. 

“I really respect [that] because it’s really comfortable,” said Farris. 

Farris’ favorite piece this time of year, though, is boots. She can usually be spotted wearing her dark purple Dr. Martens Chelsea boots during this chilly time.  

Senior Alejandro Maduro loves to incorporate outerwear into his “rocker” aesthetic – namely leather and jean jackets, which are prevalent in fall trends. Though the aesthetic has many autumnal ties, he enjoys sporting this fashion year-round.  

He has a go-to jacket he wears almost every day with patches relating to heavy metal bands all over it.  

Senior Alejandro Maduro said he loves how fall has mild weather. 

“I like that flexibility where I can literally wear anything I want,” Maduro said. “Summer or winter are way too one sided [in terms of the temperature].”