Bears Head to Chattahoochee


Provided by the Bears' football team

Matthew Ridenour, Staff Writer

On Friday, the Bears traveled to Chattahoochee to face the Cougars on a two-game win streak and were hoping to use that momentum to get another win.

The Bears ended up beating the Cougars by a score of 40-21.

The Bears’ defense played a great first quarter, not allowing the Cougars to score any points in the first quarter. Other big plays were on the first kick of the game we recovered the onside kick to help give us great field position and score three touchdowns in the first quarter.

All three touchdowns were scored by two running backs, one by senior Phillip Michael Collins and one by sophomore Christian Isibor, which made the score 19-0 after the first with a 19-0 lead.

During Phillip Michael Collins’s three years as a starter at school, has scored 10 touchdowns against the Cougars and after a four-touchdown game he scored ten touchdowns against the Cougars.

“I simply couldn’t have done it without the trust all 11 players have in each other while on offense. On every single one of those touchdowns all 11 players were flawless and executed their job.”

The special teams had a punt block.

Graham Browning intercepting the pass with Brooks Morley. (Provided by Bears’ football team. )

“On the block punt we had some mis communication with who will block who, luckily the ball rolled forward instead of a loss,” sophomore punter Jack Marlow said over direct message.

After an interception by senior linebacker Luke Ritter with 5:42 left in the second, the Bears got another chance to score before halftime.

In the second quarter, the Bears’ defense did not play as well as in the first.

However, after the Cougars’ touchdown the Bears offense answered with a touchdown of their own another one by running back Isibor making the score 26-7 with 5:30 left in the second quarter

The offense was faced with a fourth and 11 junior quarterback Zach Harris threw a pass to sophomore wide receiver Marlow for a first down which kept the drive alive. On the next offensive play, a run by Collins who scored his third touchdown with 42.4 seconds left in the second quarter making the score 33-7.

At the start of the third quarter, the Bears’ defense forced another stop, and Collins scored his fourth and final touchdown on the night making the score 40-7 with six minutes and 19 seconds left in the third quarter.

As the fourth quarter began, the score was 40-7, but by the end the Bears’ defense gave the Cougars two touchdowns which made the score 40-21. The game ended after an interception by senior safety Graham Browning.

“I think the defense was super focused going into the game because we knew it was a game we needed to win. We forced some stops early and rode the momentum the rest of the game,” said Browning over direct message.

The Bears have one more regular season game left against River Ridge. The game was supposed to be on Friday, but was moved to Saturday. This game will help determine whether the Bears can make the playoffs.