School’s Student Center Hosts Voter Registration Drive, Encourages Civic Participation


Isabella Riccardelli

The voter registration sign outside of the school’s student center.

Ian Broni, Staff Writer

Last Thursday, students 17 and a half or older had the opportunity to sign up for one of the most important parts of adulthood: voting.

Students could come into the media center and sign up for voting at the desk in front of the doors.

The registration desk was run by Lyndon Waller. Waller works for The Peoples’ Agenda, an organization that promotes voting and voter rights.

Waller stresses the importance of voting for young people.

“I think people just really don’t recognize the power in voting, it’s a real influence,” said Waller.

He also spoke about the impact voting can have on a student’s future, saying, “when you get to the federal level, it ends up affecting tuition, they can control the interest rates for students.”

Once students register, they can expect their voting license within a month from their 18th birthday.

Senior Gabriel Bazibo came in to register to vote last Thursday. He believes there is a key social aspect to voting.

“I guess voting is a really big deal in this country, I want to participate in the culture. A lot of my friends have strong political opinions, and I feel like it’s good to put your thoughts into the political process.”

However, Bazibo doesn’t plan to take it all too seriously, saying “I guess I’m probably gonna be a tad lazy voting.”

There has also been a large increase in the number of students registering to vote at the school. Last year, 24 students came in to register to vote. This year, that number jumped up to 40.

Media in Education and Technology Instructor Laura Morgan said that there will most likely be another registration opportunity next semester as well.