From Bentleys to Bleeding: The Return of Post Malone


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Post Malone on his album campaign.

Grace Lowell, Staff Writer

After the release of his album “Beerbongs and Bentleys” in August of 2018, students have awaited the return of Post Malone.

Malone’s 17-song third album, “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” which came out on all music platforms in September , includes pre-released singles, “Wow.” and “Sunflower” from the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

“Hollywood’s Bleeding” features big-name artists SZA, Travis Scott, Halsey, Future, Young Thug and even Ozzy Osbourne.

The album opens with the title song, “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” and launches listeners into an alternative-rock-infused hip-hop album that is very different than his previous album, “Beerbongs and Bentleys.”

“Beerbongs and Bentleys” features songs like “Better Now,” “Psycho” and “Candy Paint,” which infused hip-hop and ‘trap’ music, the type of music generally played at clubs and school dances.

“Beerbongs was really hype, but ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding’ is more chill, I guess,” said sophomore Madison Ruggiero.

Junior Jackie Knauss explains how the organization of the album aids listeners in understanding the thoughts and feelings of Malone.

The album doesn’t just stick slower, sad songs in one corner and faster, more uptempo songs in another. The songs are all meshed together, but come together to make the album coherent.

“Saint-Tropez,” “Wow.” and “Die For Me (Feat. Future and Halsey)” definitely take on a more energetic tone, with a boosted bass and a melody that seems to always get stuck in your head.

Songs like “Sunflower (Feat. Swae Lee)” and “Staring At the Sun (Feat. SZA)” infuse more influences of alternative rock and upbeat pop music.

Although these songs are much like other songs off of Malone’s other albums, one song is a completely new genre that Malone’s fans were surprised to see.

“Circles” uses a slower beat than what Malone’s fans may be used to and incorporates lyrics that deliver a darker tone about a broken relationship.

Malone uses heartbreaking lyrics like, “Seasons change and our love went cold,” and “I dare you to do something, I’m waiting on you again so I don’t take the blame. Run away, but we’re running in circles.”

Senior Colin Baron explains how some songs have different emotional impacts on him than other songs.

“Circles gets me in my feels. Period,” said Baron.

The album closes with “Wow.” with what seems like a simple beat, then a bass drops and rocks listeners into the final song of the album.

After listening to the album completely, listeners can get a good view of what it’s like it Malone’s mind.

Malone dives deep into past traumas with “Circles,” throws a party with “Saint-Tropez,” and goes into a lighter time of his life with “Sunflower.”

“It’s just a lot more creative and diverse than other things he’s come out with,” said Knauss.

After five weeks since its release, “Hollywood’s Bleeding” continues to top the Billboard charts.