Bears Take On Warriors In Exciting Homecoming Game


Matthew Ridenour

Football players running through the flag at kickoff.

Matthew Ridenour, Guest Contributor

On Sept. 27, the Bears played fiercely but ended up losing the game because of a couple key plays the Warriors made that the Bears did not. 

“The run game was really good to us early, until North Atlanta brought more guys into the box and blitzed us, which shut down some of our run game,” said the Bears’ running backs coach, Cody Westray. 

Westray said the team’s running back, junior Phillip Michael Collins, has run the ball well. 

“We are trying to get better each week up front and continue to try to establish the run game,” he said.   

This was a big game for the Bears because not only was it football night at Cambridge, it was also the homecoming game.

The theme for students was Bearica, where each class wore American colors.

After the Bears forced a fumble recovery in the first half, Collins — whom the announcer at the games refers to as PMC — took it in from four yards on a conversion on fourth down and he scored, but the Bears trailed the Warriors 7-13. 

In the second half, Collins took it to the endzone for his second touchdown of the game, but the Bears still trailed the Warriors 14-16 in the fourth quarter.

With seven and a half minutes left in the game, the Warriors quarterback dropped back and threw a pass, but it was intercepted by sophomore defensive back Bennett Long, who had his eye on the ball throughout the whole play. 

The Bears got the ball back after three downs and went for it on a short fourth and one. The snap was handed off to PMC and he converted to get the first down. 

Our fans including the Smurf Squad and the cheerleaders were going crazy after we converted.

After another three plays and a short conversion on fourth down, Zach Harris and our offense tried to see if we could get the Warriors to jump offsides, and they did.

That was our second conversion on the drive, and set us up for a new set of downs and we were driving. Unfortunately, our offense was stopped  on the next set of plays. 

Our defense had to make a stop to keep the hope alive in the stadium as our fans cheered the loudest they had all night, to try to disrupt the Warriors’ offense. 

Bears fans gave our defense some energy to help stop the Warriors. They did, but there were only thirty seconds left in the game.

The Warriors decided to punt and gave us a chance to come back and win the game. Sadly, our last drive of the game didn’t go as planned, and we lost to go to a record of (2-3). 

On Friday, our Bears will travel to Chattahoochee looking for a win.