Prom Date Modification Brings Mixed Reviews


Prom will be held at the Mercedes Benz stadium.

Rachel Lichtenwalner, Reporter

Juniors and seniors generally approach prom with excitement and giddiness. For some, the whole planning and preparation is just as fun as the dance itself.

However, some students will not fully experience this iconic moment in their high school careers due to the date modification.

English Department Chair Michelle Rice, who sponsors the junior class council, said after the Mercedes Benz’s soccer schedule came out, that is when the venue “scrambled” to find a new date for the school’s prom and chose March 23.

Some upperclassmen, like senior Maddie Eisenlord, aren’t affected at all by the date alteration.

“I don’t really mind it,” said Eisenlord.

Senior Celia Hunt said she is glad prom will be earlier.

“I think it’s kind of nice ‘cause it’ll be before spring break,” said Hunt.

On the other hand, this change has jeopardized whether some upperclassmen can make it on time or even at all.

Senior Max Huddle plans to tackle a charity banquet for a fundraising campaign and prom in the same night.

“I’m put into an awkward situation along with some other students who are going to the banquet, as well. We will have to leave the gala before it ends and will have to get to prom after it starts, along with missing all the early festivities,” Huddle said in an email.

Junior Cheney Dunwoodie shares a similar problem, as she will have limited time to prepare for prom after the SkillsUSA State Competitions in which many upperclassmen like her participate.

Dunwoodie said she is annoyed prom was moved to the same day as the event, even though, “we specifically told class council the date because it is really difficult to make it back and get dressed in time,” she said.

Dunwoodie said most participants are exhausted when they return from the competition. She even got sick last year on the trip.

Senior Sheerin Mansoor cannot attend prom at all because of her other activities.

Mansoor participates in the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST) and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). Both have competitions on March 23. Even though she has chosen those over prom, she is not happy about it.

“Since I’m a senior, I wanted to be at my last prom with my friends and just have a good time. This same situation happened last year, and because of that, I couldn’t go,” said Mansoor.

Mansoor said she wished the school would have taken into consideration that many upperclassmen could not attend prom last year because of other school-related occurrences that were on the same day, but “I guess that’s a no-go,” she said.

Rice is aware of students’ critical comments about the change of date.

“It wasn’t done on purpose,” she said. “We were able to get a prom date and that’s the most important thing.”

Rice and the council had to work with the stadium’s soccer schedule and find a date when no games were to be played.

“We were at their mercy,” she said.

She also said it will never work out for everyone because of how busy this time of year is.

Despite the inconvenience for some students, many will try to be present at both of their same-day events.

Dunwoodie and others facing the same dilemma still plan to enjoy their extracurricular activities and one of the most special nights of their high school lives.   

“I’m gonna show up to prom wearing a floor length dress and my Skills medal,” she said.