SAINt JHN — Collection One

SAINt JHN sets a higher standard for debut albums with Collection One. While many freshmen efforts are often inconsistent and still experimental, the Brooklyn rapper’s 13-track record is a solid display of energy and quality.

The album is a prime example of a well-rounded trap album; SAINt JHN takes bass-heavy, snare-filled beats and effortlessly delivers boastful claims with a confident swagger as he does on Surf Club, Traci Lords and Swoosh. Tracks like these serve as anthems for his infatuation with the ratchet and party lifestyles.

However, SAINt JHN does not limit himself to the rage. Some Nights, Lust and 3 Below reveal the consequences of such lifestyles as they explore the lows and harsh reality through slowed, dark beats and a drunken voice.

The sound continues to switch up with the R&B reprieves of Selfish and I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night, which are both soulful and hypnotic. The album has hit after hit with few songs missing their target, creating an incredibly consistent work for SAINt JHN’s first.

A standout trait of the album that highlights the talent and ability of SAINt JHN is the lack of features with Lust being the only collective effort. While most debut albums typically have multiple big-name features to increase publicity, the Brooklyn native shows off his ability to create great music alone.

The rapper performed in Atlanta last September at Music Midtown.

“SAINt JHN was able to put on a show with so much energy and passion unlike anyone else at Midtown,” said festival attendee senior Renat Kashapov. “His music can reach such a wide crowd, and people from all different backgrounds can enjoy it.”

Despite Collection One’s lack of traffic, it has identified SAINt JHN as one of the best upcoming artists for the next few years as it is an extremely versatile and consistent work.