Hermit the Recluse — Orpheus vs. The Sirens

Sasha Severtson, Reporter

Despite receiving little mainstream attention and accumulating very few streams, Orpheus vs. The Sirens is a next level work of art.

Hermit the Recluse’s album is created around images and themes from the famous Greek epic, The Odyssey. The ten-track work draws upon famous motifs from Homer’s magnum opus to craft a meticulous and honest introspection into his own life. He explores his own shortcomings and emotions while also making commentary on the human condition.

Hermit draws listeners in with his calm and hypnotic flow as he deliberates ideas such as pride, hubris and the pursuit of wealth. Tracks such as Golden Fleece and The Punishment of Sisyphus capture the essence of the album as smooth, low-key beats are complemented by soft-spoken verses filled with profound vocabulary.

Apart from the tremendous depth that each track is filled with, Hermit’s lyricism and rhymes make the album extremely enjoyable. The bars are delivered in a calm and collected manner as they transition from one rhyme scheme to another creating a very polished and smooth overall sound.

Still, the album’s best quality is its profound intellect and awareness. Orpheus vs. The Sirens features brutally honest, raw commentary. Conscientiousness and introspection are emphasized over materialism and ego.

The album has an added dimension of quality as Hermit the Recluse is a 46-year-old full-time firefighter. This allows him to speak from a perspective of humility and experience which is a stark contrast to the majority of rappers today who exploit their luxurious lifestyles and youth with their music.

Orpheus vs. The Sirens is evidence that there are still rappers who are focused on the art form rather than commercialization. Its contemplative nature and melancholy sound disrupt the status quo of hip-hop and set a high standard for rappers with traditional support and funds.