Varsity Cheer Place 3rd at Regionals


Sherry Friedrick

Varsity Cheer performing their routine at Johns Creek High School.

On Nov 3, varsity cheer had regionals at Johns Creek High School where they took home 3rd place.

The team’s total tally from their routine originally had the team in first place, but a safety infraction, unfortunately, set them back to end up in 3rd place.  

This safety infraction was the result of a hiccup in the formation of their pyramid.

When asked about whether she thinks the infraction was fair, senior and varsity cheerleader Rhea Jackson said, “I think getting it, yes, but the severity of the punishment, no.”

Jackson was referring to how harsh they were treated with the infraction.

In any given competition, a team that receives a safety infraction are only issued a warning and one point off. The cheer team was given the maximum of five points off, pushing them into third place.

Sectionals are coming up for varsity cheer on Friday, which consists of each team doing their own routine.

Sectionals will determine which teams are moving on to the finals. Out of the 16 teams at sectionals, only eight of them will move on to finals.