“Game On”: Bears Celebrate the Arrival of 2018-2019 Homecoming


Daniel Jimenez

"Mario Kart" was most definitely not forgotten about by the juniors when interpenetrating their theme of "Game Night: It's on!", which was video games.

Planning, planning and more planning.

This is what student and class council have on their minds from early August until the highly anticipated day: homecoming.

Not only do students look forward to the Saturday night extravaganza, but the homecoming game is filled with excitement, as well.

At the game, the court winners walk onto the field, and the homecoming king and queen are announced.

“We encourage everyone to come to the homecoming game, as it’s the most fun game we have all year,” said senior class secretary Emma Floum.

For both the game and the dance, safety is a priority.

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol will be tolerated, and student body president Matthew George said it’s vital that students make smart decisions for the safety of themselves and others so everyone can enjoy a fun-filled night.

“We cannot exclude the safety factor,” George said.

The dance itself will be in the cafeteria, and games and food will be in the courtyard. Tickets are $20 for general admission, $10 for seniors and $30 at the door.

This year’s theme for the dance is “Game Night: It’s On,” with decorations and activities featuring video games, board games and card games.  

“We all had several themes to choose from, but we all voted this could be the most fun and interactive for this year,” said Floum.

George said this theme gave organizers lots of wiggle room to be creative with the activities and decor.

“It’s a very versatile theme,” said George.