3. “Perfect 10,” Mustard

January 13, 2020

After DJ Mustard rebranded himself to Mustard, it’s clear he was planning on doing something big. Mustard may only be a producer, but production is half the battle.

And if production is a battle, Mustard is winning.

“Perfect 10” lives up to its name, with ten incredible tracks jam packed with verses. Similar to Kanye West’s seven song album run in the summer of 2018, Mustard goes against the grain to release an album much shorter than others.

The benefit of this is that every song on this album is good. Each song feels like considerable time was spent on it, and the quality of the album as a whole is incredible.

Not only are all the songs great, but the risky executive decisions Mustard makes on this album all pay off. Having A$AP Ferg do the chorus on a song that Rocky is also on sounds like a terrible idea, but Mustard makes it work in the best possible way.

All the songs on this album are so crisp and clean, it’s tough to dislike any of them.

Songs like the previously mentioned “On God” normally would sound crowded, but all the artists on this album cooperate and flow together. Having the late Nipsey Hussle on the closing track makes this album extra special.

Mustard acts as the conductor on this album, and it comes out sounding great. This album shows just how much of a veteran Mustard is.

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