4. “Sli’merre,” Young Nudy and Pi’erre Bourne

January 13, 2020

Young Nudy and Pi’erre Bourne are both relatively new to the rap scene. Young Nudy is the cousin of popular Atlanta rapper 21 Savage, and hasn’t yet had a breakout tape in his roughly three years of making music.

Pi’erre Bourne hit mainstream with New York and A$AP affiliate Playboi Carti, but hasn’t seen much independent success outside his work on “Self Titled.” It seems all these two needed was each other, because “Sli’merre” was an instant hit.

Nudy and Pi’erre work together in a way only seen by the other two duo albums on this, even though it’s their first time working together.

Young Nudy does a good job on this project, where his choppy and rough Atlanta style brings a harsh tone to the project. His rapping can feel rough around the edges, but it mostly just adds to the charm.

And it’s even less of an issue due to the stellar feature list — artists like Lil Uzi Vert and DaBaby help make the verses on this project special.

But don’t get it twisted — the real star of the show is Pi’erre. His unique beats are unlike any heard this year.

It’s refreshing to hear a producer shine on a duo album this year. It’s almost reminiscent of 90’s legendary duo Gangstarr, where DJ Premier could do no wrong on a track.

Songs like “Sunflower Seeds” are a testament to the power of production. It’s tough not to like this album when these two work so well together.

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