5. “The South Got Something to Say,” Pouya

January 13, 2020

When Andre 3000 of now legendary rap duo Outkast was given the mic after winning Best New Artist at the 1995 Source Awards, tensions were at an all time high between east and west coast hip-hop. People were booing them as they quietly walked onstage.

But what he said while at the mic made the whole crowd quiet: “I’m tired of the disrespect… The south got something to say.”

Southern rap was no longer taking a backseat, and Outkast was there to prove it. That’s why Pouya, a 24 year old rapper from Miami, made it the title of his third studio album.

Pouya is yet to hit mainstream, and is still on his way up, just like Outkast was. And in a similar fashion, he’s not going to let anybody pry rap out of the grip south Florida has on it right now.

Pouya expands on all ideas from his sophomore album, “Five-Five,” and made this his most successful album to date. His ability to glide over tracks with his Florida-style slower, heavy inflection and great beat selection makes this album a masterpiece.

Pouya is always more introspective than most, and is looking in the mirror all throughout “The South Got Something To Say.”

Songs like “I’m Alive” show Pouya playing into his strength of softer rap, and a consistent theme of his emotional openness. This is one of the most polished albums of the year, and it makes listening to it in one sitting easy and enjoyable.

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