6. “Everythings For Sale,” Boogie

January 13, 2020

Compton MC “Boogie”’s fourth album is an incredible display of rap talent coming out of California.

Compton, long known for its ability to produce famed rappers, had been going through a dry spell ever since Kendrick Lamar made it out.

Boogie seems bent on changing this, as “Everythings For Sale” is a refreshing take on love and relationships inside hip-hop. His raps are largely about his struggles to communicate with the girl he loves, and how he wrestles with common issues of drug abuse and loneliness in silence.

He may say he struggles in silence, but he’s willing to air everything out on this album. Compton rappers always represent their home city, and make sure everyone knows it.

Boogie is no different, and makes sure to let you know where he’s from in every song. He brings a classical energy to all his tracks that makes him incredibly fun to listen to.

Songs like “Silent Ride” and “Time” are smooth and somber, while songs like “Soho” and “Self Destruction” are exciting and powerful.

This album also has Eminem’s first good feature in years, so it’s clearly doing something right. Pair that with features from J.I.D. and 6lack, and you’ve got a classic album.

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