9. “Bandana,” Freddie Gibbs/Madlib

January 13, 2020

“Bandana” is Gibbs’ and Madlib’s sixth collaboration, and their expertise is evident in all the tracks.

Madlib is known for his serious demeanor, while Gibbs is more on the weird side. Despite their differences, though, they come together to make incredible music.

Gibbs raps while Madlib produces, and their chemistry is obvious. Songs like “Giannis” flow so well despite being a more intense track.

This album will resonate well with people that like older rap, as “Bandana” is a far cry from the current state of trap rap.

Where this album can start to struggle is repetition. When you have the same producer for the whole album, even a great producer like Madlib, the beats can feel similar.

Especially since “Bandana” is a lot slower and rougher than current rap, it can sometimes feel like a tough listen. Luckily, the talent between these two more than make up for it.

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