The Pros and Cons of Being a High School Athlete

May 23, 2019

Playing sports competitively through high school, can present many benefits in both the present and the future. But it also comes with risks and struggles that can make it a challenge.

Participating in high school athletics is beneficial because it allows students to not only stay active, but also increases their chances of getting college scholarships.

According to The Faculty of Sport and Exercise UK website participating in regular physical activity, especially during adolescence, can increase your self esteem, as well as decrease anxiety and depression.

They also say that regular physical activity helps prevent mental health issues, and improves the quality of life.

Scholarships give lots of student athletes the opportunity to play their sport of choice throughout college, and if they didn’t get into the university with academics.

While there are benefits to playing sports in high school, there are also drawbacks. The stress from athletics, education, and balancing social lives can lead students to spiral out of control.

Senior Jaber Obeid, who plays forward on the Varsity soccer team says that he thinks that high school athletes have a lot of stress on their shoulders.

“It’s a lot to balance especially as we get closer to finals week. We had to grind earlier this semester to be able to keep up with soccer season. Now that soccers over I still need to catch up a little in school,” said Obeid.

Many high school students who participate in athletics struggle with being able to balance everything in their lives.

Many of them have to make sacrifices such as not being able to hang out with their friends, or not being able to balance a job.

Not being able to work a part time job is an issue for a lot of students.

It means they don’t have a steady access to money, so they can’t lead social lives as easily as students with a steady income stream. It also means they do not gain the skills of having a job, such as having to pay taxes.

Senior Kenny Rosenbloom, who plays pitcher for the Varsity baseball team, has several ways to deal with stress.

“I find that the best way for me personally to reduce stress, is going skateboarding , or hanging out with friends. It gives me time to just relax and remember that the world isn’t ending.”

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