Off the Field But On the Clock

Student athletes share their off-season activities that prepare them during the regular season.


Freshman Lucas Harmon after his first recreational season game.

Ilay Fainshtad, Staff Writer

The hype and excitement are on during the regular season because of the work athletes did in the off-season. 

The off-season is a time that gives athletes an opportunity to make something of the season. The actions players take in the time leading up to it determines their success. 

“Repetition is key,” junior basketball player Vishal Praveen said.  

This mentality suggests that in order to be at the top of the game, going above and beyond can get an athlete as far as they desire to go, which means putting in work and reaching for improvement every day.  

Praveen also said a healthy body and strong diet must be maintained during the off-season and that he strives to eat healthy every day.  

He said these decisions not only improve his performance in basketball but also help him build good habits for everyday life. 

Working consistently and eating well is not all that athletes do to prepare during the off-season. 

“Playing other sports relating to your sport may help improve yourself,” said freshman Grey Donner. 

Doing this ensures an athlete’s skillset doesn’t decrease while they are not playing their principal sport. 

“For example, if you play lacrosse, participating in cross country helps build speed and endurance,” said Donner, a cross country runner and lacrosse player. 

Many student athletes don’t keep up their training schedule during the off-season, whether it’s due to academics, a part-time job, or other factors. 

Freshman Lucas Harmon does just the opposite.    

“There is no off-season. I am always on the grind,” Harmon said.  

He said he works every day to achieve his goals as a tennis player. 

“My hunger is real,” Harmon said. 

All the hard work athletes put into their sport is also a gift for the audience, especially when students are packed in the stands cheering on the team. 

As athletes continue to work hard in the off-season, their abilities will continue to grow and their audience will expand.