Closer Date to Graduate: Students React to New Virtual Deadlines

Grace Muskovitz, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that teens have the tendency to procrastinate, especially when it comes to online learning.  

Despite the clear difference in deadlines and lesson-structure, an online class is just as much of a class as one that is taught in-person. Students must still have all assignments completed and passed by the end of the school year, and for seniors, complying with these rules is even more important.  

On March 23, Fulton Virtual Coordinator Max Gertz announced to seniors that their date to finish the course would be moved up 17 days. 

Now, to participate in the graduation ceremony, students must complete their classes by May 8, and if they want their diplomas, they have a grace period until May 15. 

Gertz said the deadline change for seniors was to allow enough time to process transcripts for graduation. 

Since the announcement of the new deadline was made, seniors have expressed their stress over being able to complete their coursework on time. 

This issue is particularly wide scale, being that of the 328 seniors currently enrolled in an online class, 262 are taking their course through Fulton Virtual, said data clerk Jessamy Russell. 

Senior Evan Wright, who has taken various Fulton Virtual courses throughout his high school career, said he’s never experienced a deadline being changed to so much earlier. 

“Why didn’t they have the right due date to start with and why would they drop information like this on us so suddenly, especially since graduation is so important?” said Wright. 

Other students are feeling overwhelmed, too. 

“I’m slightly [stressed] but only because I’m nowhere close to finishing [assignments],” said senior Brenden Limon over text.  

For other students, including Wright, the high school routine has become a bore. 

“When you’re a senior, especially after you apply and commit to a college, it becomes challenging to find the energy to do high school work,” he said. 

Along with lacking the drive to finish assignments, others assert that the flexible nature of online classes makes it harder to reach deadlines.  

Senior Riley Thompson, who is currently enrolled in two online courses, is one student who feels she needs more structure in her school routine.  

“When deadlines are flexible and I’m not forced to go to class and see my teacher every day, it’s easy to forget about my online assignments,” she said. 

To stay up to date on recent updates and news regarding graduation, check Outlook and the graduation tab on the school’s website daily.