A Tradition Continues: How Do Seniors Choose Their Yearbook Quotes?


Maria Lemos

Bearden works during yearbook class.

Sarah Dewey, Staff Writer

Each year, seniors look forward to the tradition of choosing a quote to go with their yearbook portrait, typically ranging from funny to inspirational to an inside joke. 

While deciding on a senior quote can be fun, it can also be frustrating or confusing. It needs to feel right, because it stays in the yearbook forever. 

The deadline for seniors to submit their quotes was on Tuesday. In light of this, how do students go about choosing this important bottom text to their photo? 

A few seniors were surveyed and said they primarily search through Google or Pinterest for ideas. 

“I chose to do an inspirational quote,” said senior Cole Greer. “I honestly just look for quotes online.” 

He said that finding a quote that he feels suits him, as well as one that catches the eye, is not an easy task. 

“I obviously don’t want a generic quote, but it’s hard to find one that stands out,” said Greer. 

Other students simply choose to not submit a quote at all. 

“I still am not sure if I am going to put a quote because I just don’t know what I want to put,” said senior Omobalaji Alabi. 

He said he feels a lot of pressure to choose the perfect quote, since “it’s going to be there forever.” 

Senior Ella Crawley chose her quote from a video her sister sent her. 

“My sister and I basically only communicate through videos and I found mine from a video she sent me,” she said. 

Senior Lily Manning chose her quote “I’m feeling 22” because she “has always loved Taylor Swift” and “22” is her favorite song. 

Cara Bearden, senior and editor-in-chief of the yearbook, said there are “basic” or common quotes that pop up in the yearbook each year. 

Some of the most overused quotes are by Audrey Hepburn and Mac Miller, she said. 

Some students, she said, make the bold move to submit an inappropriate quote or one that is insulting to the school. 

“When this happens, we just can’t publish it,” said Bearden. 

Once the seniors submit their quote, they only have one chance.  

Students on the yearbook staff work to make sure everything is perfect with the senior quotes. They must go through all of them and make sure they are allowed in the yearbook before they can publish them. 

“It’s a long process,” said Bearden, “but it definitely makes the yearbook better.”