BREAKING NEWS: Prom Relocation Due to Rain


Isabella Dudley-Flores

The old “Senior Section” where prom will be held this Saturday.

Isabella Dudley-Flores, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Principal Ashley Agans announced via email that the location of Saturday’s prom has changed due to a high chance of rain. 

The starry night-themed party, only for seniors, was originally to bcelebrated on the football field. Now, it will be on the right side of the school, where a few years ago, seniors had a place to eat lunch to themselvesthe “Senior Section.”  This area will be covered with a tent. 

Students attending are to park in the senior parking lot, which is by the bus drop-off. 

Michelle Rice, who is leading student council and therefore in charge of prom, said there were two other options for the relocation. It could have been under the shaded area in the courtyard or in the cafeteria, though the latter wouldn’t be the safest option during a pandemic, she said.