River Ridge Dominates Against the Bears


Provided by the CHS Baseball Team.

After Senior Jayden Carbonell-Smith hit a home run, the team ran out of the dugout to congratulate him.

Matthew Ridenour, Sports Repoter

After beating Chattahoochee on March 19, the Bears’ baseball team went into last week on a three-game winning streak.

Then came the River Ridge Knights.

The Knights beat the Bears three times, on March 22, March 23 and March 26.

In the first game against River Ridge, senior pitcher Matthew Polk threw six innings and two outs, but before the team could get the last out, the Knights hit in the final run to win the game 4-3.

The Bears hoped to avoid a losing streak in their second game on March 23.

Junior Zach Harris started the game and pitched six innings. Again, the Bears lost to the Knights, this time 5-3.

Junior Zach Harris warming up and getting ready to start the game throwing to sophomore catcher Will Rempfer. (Provided by the CHS Baseball team.)

In the third and final game of the series, the team lost 3-2, with junior Jack Emacio on the mound.

Despite their losses, the Bears had great moments in the field. They were getting hits and pitched well on Tuesday. Senior second baseman Jayden Carbonell-Smith hit a home run that night to help get the Bears going.

“On that home run, I was just looking for a pitch I could do damage with. I got a fastball low in the zone and just tried to put the barrel on it,” said Carbonell-Smith. “It ended up working out in my favor — one of the hardest balls I’ve hit this year.”

The Knights are 14-3 for the season, and the Bears are 13-4. They are both ranked highly on MaxPreps, where Cambridge is ninth and River Ridge is 15th.

“I just believe River Ridge is a very good team, and they have limited their mistakes. We have had some errors that have cost us on the defensive side, and when we walk people, they are good enough to score those runners on base,” said Harris.

The Bears will travel to play River Ridge on their turf while also looking for their first win against the Knights this season.

“We just have to be smarter with what pitches we throw, the baseballs we field, and the pitches we get in the box. Baseball is 90% mental, so we just have to lock in for the seven innings to be successful,” said Carbonell-Smith.

The team will not be looking to change its game plan against River Ridge, as the team has played well until this point in the season.

“We have played well; they have played well. They have managed to get the big hit at the right time, which is what we will strive to do in our game. Unfortunately, in sports, there is a winner and a loser, and River Ridge was able to come up victorious in both games,” said Head Varsity Baseball Coach Evan Tieles.

The Bears wrapped up a three-game series against Johns Creek Thursday night and will face Walton and Decatur, both out-of-region teams, at the tail end of Spring Break.