January 13, 2020

British rapper Dave released “PSYCHODRAMA” earlier this year, and it saw instant critical success. British rap has been more popular in America since A$AP Rocky featured famous British rapper Skepta on his song “Praise the Lord.”

“PSYCHODRAMA” has a different sound than most British rap though, and feels even more different than American rap. It’s slower rap over softer beats, with strange pauses and odd flows typically not used by American artists.

But it being different is what makes it such a compelling album. Songs like “Location” have an easy-going energy that almost feels like a break from the hard-hitting tracks like “Psycho.”

Even the hard tracks have a clean production that sounds so different from the usual American trap. It grabs your attention from the start, and doesn’t let go.

Senior Sam Marchlik said he likes how the album was “introspective and deep, but still hit mainstream.”

Dave raps this album from a metaphorical therapist office, with his therapist talking and asking questions throughout the album. He views music as his therapy, and lays everything out in this album.

As Dave says on the introductory track, “I ain’t psycho, but my life is.”

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