How Well do Students Know the Cambridge Fight Song?

Rachel Lichtenwalner, Staff Writer

Last year, being a freshman, I obsessively reviewed the school website, determined to explore every nook and cranny. This school was my second home. I needed to know everything about it.

It was during my research that I stumbled upon these words written by 2016 graduate Nathan Taylor:

“Hail to the blue and mighty
We’ve just begun to fight
Hail, hail our Cambridge Bears
Our spirits unite

Our battle cry is victory
We will go down in history
Hail, hail our Cambridge Bears
We’ll battle till we’ve won!”

This is the school’s fight song.

It’s lonely, hidden, mysterious and forgotten by many.

I so desperately longed to hear these lyrics at football and basketball games, and maybe even pep rallies. I waited and waited for my peers to jump up and down chanting the song in unison, hyping up and supporting each other.


I couldn’t and still can’t help but wonder: “Am I the only one who knows this exists?”

Fellow reporter Aley El-Olemy and I searched the grounds to find the answer to my question.

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