Gender Equality Club Gives Back to Community

Madison Cochran, Reporter

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The Gender Equality Club is currently having its second annual donation drive for the Drake House.

The Drake House, which is in Roswell, is a shelter for women and families trying to escape abusive households.

The club will be accepting household supplies, cleaning supplies and food pantry items until Dec. 15. All donations will benefit this local organization that helps women in the Atlanta area escape abuse and poverty.

“They have lots of services to help them find jobs, put resumes together, find professional clothing. There is support for the kids especially that are dealing with abusive situations, giving them a new life,” said club sponsor Lauren Hall.

Not only does the Drake House help women while they are there; it also prepares them for life outside the shelter.

“They have finance classes, they have homemaking classes, they help connect them with career classes and they help them get a job,” club president Allie Kench said.

The club did a drive for the Drake House last year, and are hoping to be more involved with the organization in the future.

“We’d like to get groups together to volunteer there if possible,” said senior Grace Parzych, the outreach communication officer for the club.  

They have also been able to partner with other school clubs, such as the Beta club, to help them collect items for the shelter.

“It’s an easy way to make a complete difference in someone’s life,” said Parzych. “It’ll completely change their lives.”

There many other ways to help the Drake House after the deadline for the drive.

The shelter also has a consignment store, the Drake Closet, that is constantly looking for donations, volunteers, and customers.

“I think that its [The Drake House] presence in the area is really important in helping them get the resources they need,” said Hall.

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Gender Equality Club Gives Back to Community